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1 draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs; "I can breathe better when the air is clean"; "The patient is respiring" [syn: take a breath, respire, suspire]
2 be alive; "Every creature that breathes"
3 impart as if by breathing; "He breathed new life into the old house"
4 allow the passage of air through; "Our new synthetic fabric breathes and is perfect for summer wear"
5 utter or tell; "not breathe a word"
6 manifest or evince; "She breathes the Christian spirit"
7 take a short break from one's activities in order to relax [syn: rest, catch one's breath, take a breather]
8 reach full flavor by absorbing air and being let to stand after having been uncorked; "This rare Bordeaux must be allowed to breathe for at least 2 hours"
9 expel (gases or odors) [syn: emit, pass off]

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See breath.


  • /briːð/, /bri:D/
  • Rhymes: -iːð


  1. To repeatedly draw air into, and expel it from, the lungs in order to extract oxygen from it and excrete waste products.
  2. To exchange gases with the environment.
    Garments made of ****** and similar new materials breathe well and keep the skin relatively dry during exercise.
  3. Figuratively, to be relaxed or calm.
    ...a child's peaceful breathing...
    ...the wind breathes through the trees...
  4. Figuratively, to live.
    I will not allow it, as long as I still breathe.
  5. To repeatedly draw (something) into, and expel (that thing) from, the lungs.
    Try not to breathe too much smoke.
  6. To whisper quietly.
    He breathed the words into her ear, but she understood them all.


to draw air in and out
to exchange gases
  • Finnish: hengittää
  • Polish: oddychać
  • Slovene: dihati
  • Swedish: andas
to be relaxed
(fig) to live
  • Finnish: hengittää, olla hengissä
  • Polish: oddychać swobodnie
  • Slovene: dihati
  • Swedish: andas
to draw sthg into lungs
  • Dutch: inademen
  • Finnish: hengittää
  • German: einatmen
  • Slovene: vdihniti
  • Swedish: andas in
to whisper
  • Dutch: ademen
  • Finnish: kuiskata
  • German: hauchen
  • Slovene: dahniti

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Breathe may be:
Breathe may also refer to:
  • Breath, the act of inhaling and exhaling
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

He, affect, air, alert, approve, argue, articulate, aspirate, attest, bark, bawl, be, be alive, be animate, be aromatic, be construed as, be extant, be found, be in existence, be met with, be present, be redolent of, be the case, be there, bellow, bespeak, besprinkle, betoken, blare, blat, blow, blubber, boom, brandish, bray, break, break it to, break the news, breathe hard, breathe in, breathe out, brew, bring forth, bring forward, bring into view, bring out, bring to notice, buzz, cackle, chant, chime, chirp, chorus, color, come out with, communicate, confide, confide to, connote, convey, coo, cough, crow, dangle, decoct, deliver, demonstrate, denote, develop, disclose, display, divulgate, divulge, dramatize, draw breath, draw in, drawl, dredge, dye, embody, emit, emit a smell, enact, entincture, entrust with information, enunciate, evidence, evince, evulgate, exclaim, exhale, exhaust, exhibit, exist, expel, expire, expose to view, express, fetch breath, flaunt, flavor, fling off, flourish, flute, formulate, furnish evidence, gasp, give, give confidential information, give expression, give indication of, give out, give out with, give sign, give token, give tongue, give utterance, give vent to, give voice, go to show, growl, grunt, gulp, hack, happen to be, have being, have life, have place, hiccup, highlight, hint at, hiss, hold, huff, illuminate, illustrate, imbrue, imbue, impart, imply, import, impregnate, incarnate, indicate, infiltrate, infuse, inhale, inspire, instill, involve, keen, knock off, lay off, leaven, let get around, let in on, let next to, let out, lie by, lilt, lip, live, live and breathe, maffle, make clear, make known, make plain, manifest, mark, materialize, mean, mention privately, move, mumble, murmur, mussitate, mutter, nose, obtain, occur, out with, pant, parade, pause, penetrate, perform, permeate, pervade, phonate, phrase, pipe, point to, pour forth, present, prevail, produce, pronounce, publish, puff, put forth, put hep, put in words, put next to, raise, recess, reek, refer to, represent, respire, reveal, roar, roll out, rumble, saturate, say, scent, scream, screech, season, set forth, show, show forth, show signs of, shriek, sibilate, sigh, signalize, signify, sing, slurp, smell, smell of, snap, snarl, sneeze, sniff, sniffle, snore, snort, snuff, snuff in, snuffle, sob, sound, speak, speak for itself, speak volumes, spell, spotlight, squall, squawk, squeal, stand, stand for, steep, stink, stop for breath, subsist, suck, suck in, suckle, suffuse, suggest, susurrate, symbolize, symptomatize, take a break, take a recess, take a rest, take aside, take five, take ten, take time out, tell, tell confidentially, temper, tend to show, throw off, thunder, tincture, tinge, tip, tip off, token, transfuse, trot out, trumpet, twang, unfold, utter, vent, ventilate, verbalize, vocalize, voice, wail, walk the earth, warble, wave, wheeze, whiff, whine, whisper, word, yap, yawp, yell, yelp, yield an odor
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